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Our Core Values


Children are our finest resource — our duty to this sentiment accompanies us in our daily work. In our society children are measured against ever higher standards at a very early age. It is therefore important to support children who occasionally or persistently suffer from impaired physical development and/or ability to perform. We view children as members of a family system and consider all the interactions that this implies. We respect the circumstances of each patient’s life and those of family members; their ethnic origins, their religion and their social status.

In diagnosing, advising and treating our patients, we follow the current recommendations/guidelines of professional organisations, and legal rules. We treat materials/medicine and regulations in an economic manner. Most important, we regard the ethical basis of medical activity, which has been in force since ancient times, as our duty. The focal point of our practice is the secretariat, which serves as the point of contact for all queries and processing. Our professional manner, internal and external, is characterized by respect and kindness. The collective knowledge of our large, multiprofessional team (specialists in many areas, doctors, trained psychologists, social educators, special teachers, ergo-therapists) is available for patients and their families and covers the full spectrum of illness and developmental disabilities in children and adolescents.

We advise our patients (in an age appropriate manner) and their Parents whether medicinal treatment is necessary or advisable, or if diagnostic and therapy based modes of treatment are more appropriate. If necessary and on request, we will provide a doctor’s certificate, opinion or a detailed report.

In our daily work, we refer to a broad network of doctors and therapists that has been built up over many years, and reliable relationships with self-help groups, schools or school psychologists, educational institutions, clinics and facilities.

We can live up to these high claims only because all doctors and co-workers regularly engage in further education programmes. We also offer workshops, seminars or symposia in our own premises.


Our services

  • Appointments readily available
  • Multi-lingual staff
  • Emergency appointments upon consultation
  • Available all year round
  • Highly qualified multi-professional team with specialists from different areas
  • Extensive networking with a variety of practising doctors, therapists and clinics for follow up diagnostics and treatment
  • Appropriate, child-friendly climate in all our practices.