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Dr. med. Adam Alfred

Dr. med. Adam Alfred

Education/Professional Training

  • 1973 Abitur (School Graduation) at the Königlich Bayerischen Theresiengymnasium in Munich
  • 1973-1979 Medicine studies at the Ludwig-Maximilian-Universität in Munich
  • 1979 Approbation and PhD Promotion
  • 1979-1985 Training as Pediatric M.D. at the Kinderpoliklinik of the LMU (Ludwig-Maximilian-Universität in Munich)
  • 1981 bis 1990 Specialist Training as Psychoanalyst for Children, Adolescents and Adults
  • 1985-1989 Specialist Training as an M.D. for Child and Youth-Psychiatrist at the Heckscher Klinik for Youth Psychiatry in Munich, working as M.D leading the Day Clinic of the Heckscher Klinik for Children and Youth Psychiatry
  • 1989 until today Specialist M.D. as Pediatrist and Child- and Youth-psychiatrist leading
    an independent Practice in Munich

Special Professional Experience

  • Chronical Diseases in Childhood, with a focus on cancer diseases 1979-1979
  • psychic and psychosomatic diseases of children 1982 -1985
  • psychiatric Diseases of Childhood and Adolescence 1985 -1989
  • ADD and ADHD 1989 until today


  • Numerous lectures at various training courses for physicians, psychologists, occupational therapists, special educators and teachers 1989 until today
  • ADHS-Praxishandbuch, ISBN 97839813333, 2. Print 2010
  • MyADHS.com, ISBN 9783981333305 2011
  • ADHS-Spots, a Learning Course for Adults with ADHD, ISBN9783981333398 2011
  • 2weisteins Welt: Software, which was co-developed by the ADHD center for children in primary school, in order to give them the opportunity to learn the school mathematics curriculum within the environment of a computer game. 2008


  • Tommi Deutscher Kindersoftwarepreis (German Children-Software Priz* e) 2008
  • Game of the Year 2008, gamingxp.com 2008
  • The Pedagogical Interactive-Prize „Pädi 08 Gütesiegel“ 2008
  • Comenius EduMedia Siegel 2009 for exemplary Education-Media 2009
  •  LARA- German Games Award in the Education Category 2009


Research Experience

  • Publications relating to bone marrow in Childhood age 1981
  • Participation in several Medication-Studies in the ADHD field 1989 until today
  • Participation in several Medication-Studies in Fragile X field 2011-2012


Lecturing Experience

  • Lecturer as part of the M.D. Training within the Kinderpoliklinik of the LMU in Munich (Children Clinic) 1979-1985
  • Training of M.D. Interns during work as leading M.D. of the Day Clinic (Tagesklinik) of the Heckscher Klinik of the University of Munich (LMU) 1985-1989
  • Training of Assistant M.D.´s towards specialization as M.D. for Adolescent-Psychiatry (2 Year-Training for recognition by the Bavarian M.D. Chamber) 2000 until today
  • Numerous Training Courses for Professionals in the medical field 1989 until today


Membership in Professional Associations

  • Berufsverband der Kinder- und Jugendpsychiater since1989
  • München Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Psychotherapie und Psychoanalyse since 1981
  • ADHS-Netz München/Oberbayern since 2001


Engagement of Professional Activities

  • Founder of the AD/HD Competence Center München/Oberbayern: www.adhs-netz.com 1989 until today
  • Establishing a Curriculum for AD/HD-Therapists. www.adhs-muenchen.net 2010
  •  Founder of the ADHS-Zentrums München: awareness training, planning and implementation of training courses for all persons involved in the field of ADHD, publications on various aspects of ADHD;www.adhs-muenchen.net 2011
  • Development of new therapeutic approaches for the treatment of ADHD (software for enhancing self-control and concentration, omega fatty acids, Neurofeedback, parental coaching) 2004 until today


Private Life

  • Married, five children ages 15 to 27 years
  • Independent in regard to professional activities and perspectives